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இலங்கை சமூக தொழிற் துறையை முன்னேற்றல்

Building the Social Enterprise Sector in Sri Lanka


We are a social enterprise. Our mission is to

develop social enterprises in Sri Lanka

The Need

Social Enterprise sector in Sri Lanka is in its early stages of development. We estimate there are at least 1,000 entities in Sri Lanka which can be recognised as social enterprises. Although a few companies identify themselves as social enterprises, many others do not even know they may be running a social enterprise. Most social enterprises are at start-up stage, while more and more charities are being transformed into social enterprises.

They have different needs ranging from business planning, sales, working capital to product design and development. They urgently need impact investment in order to scale up rapidly. Most importantly their social, environmental and economic impact need to be measured and reported against global standards. They also need to be recognised and rewarded for their achievements. Policies and systems need to be developed to support the growth of the emerging social enterprise sector in Sri Lanka.

The Vision

Our vision is to have a thriving social enterprise sector in Sri Lanka by 2025, with thousands of self-identifying social enterprises, employing hundreds-of-thousands of people, and delivering measured social, environmental and economic impact.

In order for us to get there, we need to fulfil the above needs step-by-step, working together with different partners, and be committed to a long term plan. Social Enterprise Lanka will act as the pivot pulling together local and international stakeholders, and aligning their efforts towards this shared vision. Click on the thumbnail below to see our strategic road map.

Social Enterprise Lanka Strategic Road Map


This is what we do

Organise, Support, Measure, Reward


We are a partnering organisation.

we do everything through partnerships

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