1. Complete support to create your very own Profile on our membership directory with professionally written information about your social enterprise, photos, business model, impact and current needs. Our membership directory will be shared widely on local and international platforms, making it easy for potential customers, business partners and investors to find you easily.
  2. Once we verify you as a Social Enterprise using our simple definition, you can use our brand and tagline ‘Member of Social Enterprise Lanka’ [*Conditions Apply].
  3. We will create various value addition services for our members such as discounts among members and external parties, access to events, exhibitions, and networking opportunities, special insurance schemes etc.
  4. We will do a needs assessment for you to identify and prioritise your needs. Then we will organise different types of training and development programmes such as workshops, seminars, coaching, mentoring, consultancy etc. Some of these services will be free, while others will be charged.
  5. We will build partnerships with potential business partners and investors for you.
  6. We will measure your social or environmental impact using global standards helping you to demonstrate the real value of your business, and its future potential.
  7. You will have priority access to our impact investment programmes.
  8. You will be eligible for the annual Social Enterprise Awards.

There will be many more valuable services in the future, as we all grow together.